Ten Wishes for the New Year

I wish…

  1. that presidents, Cabinet members, legislators, and other elected officials would be held to the same ethical standards and penalties for wrong-doing as entry-level civil servants;
  2. that Congress would attack sycophancy directly by slashing the number of political appointees and the larger number of would-be appointees who view it as the route to power;
  3. that the media would examine how its pursuit of stories with sensationalism and conflict has been exploited by terrorists and unethical politicians alike to garner attention and power;
  4. that news shows would recognize that interviewing paired Democrat and Republican spokespeople leaves out the plurality of people whose expertise, not political leanings, drives what they say;
  5. that more voters would stop equating so much of their personal identity with some political party banner so they would find it easier to object strongly to the wrongful actions of those for whom they voted;
  6. that laws would be written to penalize more the individuals who are ultimately responsible for corporate misbehavior and less the consumers and workers who often bear the costs;
  7. that churches claiming to prioritize the poor would come to recognize the symbolism of keeping the poor box at the back of the church and passing a collection plate for the poor only after passing one for themselves;
  8. that athletes signing lucrative contracts would start negotiating over money for community and public purposes rather than just themselves;
  9. that charities would unify around promoting the good and addressing the bad in their midst; and
  10. that everyone of goodwill would take heart by recognizing how important you are for bringing order out of disorder, peace amid conflict, and, for me, a continuing sense of thankfulness and hope.

One Comment on “Ten Wishes for the New Year”

  1. Michael_Bindner says:

    Sadly, in our cult of celebrity, the elites often get a pass on ethical issues or they lose all due process rights. Fate is fickle thing.
    SES members can be sycophants as well. Each administration should be headed by a policy council with the Administrator (at will), a policy assistant with a four year term, a policy assistant with an eight year term and one from the prior adminstration, plus the SES Deputy Administrator. They can meet and build consensus on policy.
    FoxNews was designed to be propaganda. That tiger will not change its stripes.
    Some experts are not telegenic, which weeds us out no matter our level of expertise, which may not include a doctoral degree. If TPC won’t even score my tax plan, don’t expect much from the media.
    We have become more tribal, especially in an age where identity politics and real change have been equated so strongly and have resisted the established order.
    The laws are fine, it is the enforcement mechanism that is off kilter. The only ones smart enough to prosecute these felons are the ones seeking a job with that corporation. Capitalism is the problem, as well as low tax rates. Much higher marginal income tax rates on the CEO class would make graft less attractive.
    Churches should help the poor, but as part of a larger cooperative libertarian socialism.
    Teams should be owned by the community and the players and retirees. They should provide opportunities for more than millionaires.
    Charities should unite with local employers and governments, with funding for helping the poor coming as an offset to a subtraction VAT.
    One must have hope or reform is impossible.

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